Aleks Kivuls


Aleks Kivuls

Hi, I'm Aleks and I am a programmer, hacker, and problem solver. I love to design and build many different things, software or not. Most of my software development experience is with Java and Go, but you will find me developing and messing around with all sorts of technologies. I am also always up for a challenge and love to solve problems. When I'm not at my computer you can find me playing volleyball or video games.

Current Projects

  • Tinkering & Experimenting

    I am not currently working on a single big project but am exploring and experimenting with many diferent things. I'll also get around to updating this website eventually.

Hackathon Projects

A Hackathon is an event usually 24 or 36 hours in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

  • Citrus Hacks

    Dictionary Explorer

    Visualization of a dictionary and it's terms. Displaying definitions and word similarity through nodes in a graph. Used to explore new words and expand your vocabulary. Won data science prize. Uses D3.js.

  • Quackcon

    Brain Radio

    Realtime concusion detection and processing using EEG data. Using the Muse headset to read EEG channel data for the device sensors, store and analyze the channel data in realtime. Uses Python, Java, and RethinkDB. Devpost link.

  • SDHacks

    World Diseases Viz

    Using the WHO world disease and mortality data set, we wanted to provide a visualization that would allow you to look more closely and inspect the distribution of those affected. Uses D3.js. Devpost link. Partial Demo.

  • PennApps


    Was a hacker guru mentoring beginner hackers. Also made a web application using augmented reality to track real world Kanban boards and make them virtual. Tracks task location, translates the movement and placement, recognizes groupings, and reads text on the board to display in our web application. Uses Python and OpenCV. Devpost link. Github link.

  • LA Hacks

    Kibble Count

    Web application to optimize your dietary intake to maximize nutritional daily values given a selection of foods. Used as an experiment to learn linear programming. Uses Python and Flask. Devpost link.

  • HackTech

    The Race Condition

    Using Postmates, a delivery service, make couriers compete in races to see who will have the fastest delivery. Track gps route taken, live leaderboards, and text message notifications. Won best use of Postmates API. JavaScript, Python, Flask, Bootstrap, and Leaflet. Devpost link

  • HackPoly

    Laser Can-On

    Using a Leap Motion, a Raspberry Pi, and servos, control a peripherals state and direction through hand gestures. For our peripheral we were using a laser pointer mounted to servos on a crude frame made from a soda can, paper clips, and a breadboard. We also planned to mount it on wheels but didn't have a wifi dongle to make it wireless. Python and Java. Devpost link

  • HackUCI

    Restoration Media Challenge

    Big data analysis of Restoration Media's anonymized data set on job search and email data. Produced visualizations using R analyzing the browser user agent data from the data set using dot plots and heat maps.

  • SDHacks

    Shoe Stride

    Android application for fitness gamification to encourage people to exercise more. Uses phone accelerometer to count steps and gamify the steps as currency. Use steps to buy powerups and multipliers to gain more steps faster.

  • Code Day LA

    LBT Live Arrivals

    Pebble watch app to track Long Beach Transit buses and display when the next few busses are coming to your bus stop. Written without wifi so used iPhone with 3g and CloudPebble to program the application. Using Pebble.js. Github link. Devpost link.

  • LA Hacks


    Web application to create a localized Instagram so you can see what is going on around you. Uses gps to determine the users location then pulls the most recent pictures taken within your local area. Uses Node.js, Bootstrap, and Instagram API. Devpost link.

  • Cal Hacks

    Game Cloud Save

    My first hackathon. Initially created a real time collaboration web application but the API we were using didn't work. Instead I made a video game cloud save similar to Steam's cloud save. Java application using the Dropbox API.

Past Projects

  • Beach Hacks 1 & 2

    Organized a four hundred person, twenty four hour hackathon at CSULB. Planned and advised as Vice Director for 2 years. Also designed, setup, and managed the power and networking infrastructure. More info at

  • arXiv Search Engine

    Developed a search engine for research papers stored on the arXiv. Scraping pdfs and parsing metadata to build corpus. Implementing boolean retrieval, disk compression, Porter stemming, page ranking, machine learning, and more. Written in C++. Github link.

  • Cirrus Drive

    Developed a cloud drive application as a clone of Google drive. Learned how to implement a multi-user cloud document storage, retrieval, search, and online code editing. Written in Java. Github link

  • Traffic Analyzer

    Developed traffic analysis application to study speed limits based on bluetooth data. Won first place in ITE competition. CSULB ACM group project in collaboration with the CSULB ITE club. Original prototype in Java but now using R and Shiny.

  • CloudLion

    Developed cloud based IDE web app. Initial prototype using Java, Spring Boot, SQL, Thymeleaf, and Bootstrap. This was an exploratory prototype project. Using knowledge gained to implement newer version. Github link.

  • Website

    This website was designed using Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, and JS. Started with the Start Bootstrap Agency theme since it had a lot of features I wanted but modified it to fit my personal preferences. This website is hosted on a Raspberry Pi on my domain.

  • Raspberry Pi Server

    Use a Raspberry Pi model B as an internet facing server which sits under my desk. Running Raspbian, a distro based on Debian. Used to learn how to do system administration of a server. Currently hosts this website and several other projects.

  • Wordpress

    Hosted my own Wordpress blog on my Raspberry Pi. Site is now gone. Also wrote a custom plugin and theme for a client and hosted the Wordpress site on AWS. Project never finished development and never made it to the public.

  • CyberPatriot

    Was the team captain and competed in CyberPatriot, a national high school cyber defense competition. We placed 13th out of a 1000+ teams. Configured and wrote scripts to harden windows machines. Wrote Java programs to help solve basic cryptography ciphers.

  • High School Innovation Challenge

    Was the team captain and won first place in Northrop Grumman's High School Innovation Challenge at the Redondo Beach location. Designed, built, and programmed a robot to autonomously navigate an unknown course filled with obstacles. Built a Vex robot and programmed it in Robot C. Competition Link


  • Volleyball

    I currently play volleyball most days after work and almost every weekend. Volleyball consumes most of my free time and I have a lot of fun playing in addition to getting good exercise. I am pretty competitve and enjoy playing at a high level.

  • Association for Computing Machinery

    Was the President for the 2016-2017 year at the CSULB ACM chapter. Was the Vice President for the 2015-2016 year. Manage projects, run meetings, and present workshops. Beach Hacks, a hackathon at CSULB was initially and primarily planned by the CSULB ACM.

  • International Collegiate Programming Competition

    Met and practiced weekly for the ACM-ICPC. Compete yearly in the competition. In 2016 placed 28th in the Southern California regional. Also run BeachJudge, CSULB ACM's problem grading platform, during weekly the practices.

  • Capture the Flag (Computer Security)

    Started a Capture the Flag team at CSULB. Compete and meet weekly to solve problems for Jeopardy style CTF. Solve problems in cryptography, binary analysis, web exploitation, reverse engineering, steganography, forensics, and others.

  • Video Game Development Association

    Created a game prototype using the Unity game engine in C#. The game was a 2d puzzle platformer using character switching and gravity manipulation mechanics to solve the game's puzzles.

  • LB Makers Society

    Built my own Rep Rap Prusa Mendel 3d printer in one of the club's build series. Also made and programmed an Arduino shield for text, images, and games and have made various other electronics projects.

Work Experience

  • Fall 2020-Present

    Atlassian - Bitbucket Cloud

    Working on Bitbucket Cloud as a site reliability engineer. Primarily worked on and help ship the Bitbucket data center to AWS migration.

  • Summer 2017-Fall 2020

    Atlassian - Identity Platform

    Worked on the Identity platform team at Atlassian. Worked on the permissions service, a service to provide permissions to all cloud products. Written in Go and using Redis and Cassandra.

  • Summer 2016

    NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates

    Worked on the dynamics and pattern formation of nonlocal collective motion and assembly. Wrote simulations in Matlab using neural networks to approximate an energy function based on an assembly. Grant information here.

  • Winter 2015-Summer 2016


    Research project with CSULB with the Long Beach Water Department to develop a program to recognize cracks inside pipes through a video feed from a robot inside the pipe using neural networks. Using C++, Qt, and OpenCV.

  • Summer 2015

    Northrop Grumman

    Configured a Host Based Security System and implemented STIGs. Performed basic system administration tasks such as modifying firewall and iptables for Windows and Red Hat virtual machines. Automated some tasks in excel with VBScript to turn a weeks worth of work into a couple hours.

  • Summer 2014

    Northrop Grumman

    Redesigned and developed a Java application to control a video wall for powerpoint style presentations. Managed and ran demonstrations on the video wall for internal and external presentations.

  • Summer 2013

    Northrop Grumman

    Led a distributed team over two locations to design and create a website to monitor and display information on current wildfires. The website consolidated data in a centralized location in a quick and easy to read format. Java backend with Bootstrap frontend.

  • Summer 2012

    Northrop Grumman

    Programmed a prototype in Java for monitoring and analyzing chat data in near real-time. The application grouped chats, produced a dynamic social network visualization and calculated social network analysis metrics. Using Neo4j for graph storage and Gephi for visualizations.


  • California State University, Long Beach

    Coursework in Algorithms, Data Structures, Game Theory, Software Engineering, Theory of Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Search Engines, Data Visualization, Programming Languages, Databases, and Operating Systems. Graduated Spring 2017.

Contact Me

Main point of contact is email and I am also on these platforms.